and returns.


Notes: The period of delivery is calculated starting from the time of your order confirmation. We’ll communicate all the details via email.

Your shoes will be released for shipping in 3 weeks after we send you the confirmation order email.

All items will be delivered by DHL couriers. You will be notified via email that the delivery of your order is on its way.

Shipping time in the EU is 1-5 days.
Worldwide shipping 1-7 days.





You have 30 days from receipt of your order to request a return. The return is your right and it will always be accepted if you proceed with your request following these steps.

  • We cannot substitute the items but only REFUND them, If you need substitutions please make a return, and then please place a NEW order on the website.
  • Our return policy only allows a refund of the returned items.
  • You can make a single return request for each order.
  • The shipment costs for the return will be on our charge only if the return is carried out by the following procedure.
  • We will not accept returns sent by different processes and different couriers.


All shoes are eligible for free return in the EU. If you have items outside these categories, then please contact about your return.

The purchase of items through the Website provides the right of cancellation within 30 calendar days from the date of delivery, and to do so the instructions offered on the website must be followed.

All items must be returned in the same condition in which they were delivered, with all their seals and packaging, provided that this allows all necessary checks and handling to be carried out to determine the characteristics and functions of the products.

We recommend returning the shoes in their original packaging. Please put the shoes into the shoe bag and then into the box. This will guarantee optimal protection of the item(s) you would like to return.

Please make sure to send the item(s) you would like to return together with all the required documents attached in a plastic folder on top of your package, the same way in which we included them with your purchase. These documents are the shipping invoice located in the clear folder on the outside of the package when you received your item(s) and our bill, which was located inside the package when you received your item(s). Please also attach the red ‘Return’ label in a prominent position on the outside of the package. This way, your delivery should be able to go through customs without any issues or accruing any additional costs.

The return is in charge of the customer in the following cases:
– If the return is made for withdrawal, which means that the product’s return is for reasons not imputable to
– Returns are made to change color or size or to choose another item different from the one which had been bought.

The return is in charge of the customer. It is not possible to change the size of the items directly but only the request for
the return of money. Whether there are costs related to duties, VAT, and any other taxes, they will be deducted from the price of
the product that has to be returned